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The original roland vp330 vocoder plus was used notably by vangelis on his soundtracks for blade runner and other movies. Features, connections, string ensemble, pitch shift, human voice, vocoder, how the vocoder works, how to use the vocoder, specifications, optional accessories. The s50 was rolands first professional keyboard sampler from the mideighties, which also came in the rackmount s550 form. This channel provides information of the rolands best quality electronic musical instruments. Roland brought out their vocoder plus keyboard in 1979. Provides an overview of key features, functions and operational tips. The vocoder shapes its envelope and filters by any sound source fed into it, your voice or even a drum loop can be used which is then applied to. The roland vocoder plus is a totally new concept in polyphonic keyboards, which employs vocoder circuitry to achieve a new degree of keyboard instrument versatility. The roland vp330 string synthesizer vsp330 the link is. Roland vp 330 soundfonts one of the coolest instruments out there. Recordings featuring the roland vp330 vocoder plus mk1 or mk2.

Roland vp330 human voice filter page 5 vintage synth. Roland vp330 vocoder plus 10band sennheiser vsm 201 10band. Wed already seen the oberheim sem based instruments pave the way but its fair to say that these were big unwieldy beats more comfortable sitting in the studio as opposed to. Vocoder, human voice, and strings, which may be independently assigned to cover the whole keyboard, or either the upper or. This overview video will take a closer look at the vp42h. Part of the roland boutique series, the vp 03 brings together the worlds of synthesized sound and the human voice, using the latest acb technology to accurately emulate the sound that made the. Roland vp330 vocoder plus vocoder,human voice and string ensemble. Hello, a friend of mine wants to sell an roland vp330 vocoder. The roland vp330 vocoder plus is also musically immortalized on celluloid thanks to greek synth wizard vangelis memorable earlyeighties electronic scores to the oscarwinning chariots of fire and ridley scotts scifi film noir classic, bladerunner. It requires that all gscompatible equipment must meet a certain set of features and it documents interpretations of some midi commands and bytes sequences, thus defining more instrument tones, more controllers for sound effects, etc. Roland vp9000 variphrase processor an underrated gem. Free roland vp330 vocoder plus synthesizer vst emulation.

The vocoder plus contains three tonegenerating sections. Roland vp 330 soundfonts sf2 download best fl studio. I still want to add 4 toggle switches for each filter input sections to turn each offon like on the vp330. Roland gs, or just gs, sometimes expanded as general standard or general sound, is an extension of general midi specification. On the 9th of september 2016, roland added 3 more devices to the boutique line of products. The xp80 was introduced in 1996 and is now discontinued. Digital sampler 19 pages music equipment roland vs2480 supplementary manual. I was in my local music store trying out roland s new emulation of their classic vp 330 vocoder called the vp 03. Roland vp330 human voice filter page 3 vintage synth. Anyway this has got me wondering if there is any good vp330 clones available for ios. The roland vp330 vocoder plus mk 2 roland vp330 brochures vocoder plus mk 2 roland vp330 brochures.

I have seen the prices on ebay reach some very high amounts. I strolled in not expecting to find anything and walked out with a free roland s50 sampler. Nowadays its quite cheap but still a little hard to find here in japan. Here is a list of what you can find in the video arp odyssey synthesizer roland vp330 vocoder used on the garden simmons electronic drums digitech vocalist ii. This might stem from hearing too much sparkys magic piano as a child, but, whatever the reason, like the cher autotune effect, after growing up with mr blue sky emanating from the radio adnauseum youll understand how some things can outstay their. Recreating known piece of hardware, emulating famous synth, trying to capture the spirit of a machine, attempting to copy the sound and feeling of an instrument. The vp330 was much the same but featured a 10band vocoder instead of the synth filters and thus was created a unique keyboard. Im starting to think about cloning the ensemble from something similar, but different than the vp330 ensemble. The roland worldwide social network keeps you connected to the latest products, exciting events, and much more. Is there a va cant afford a vp & dont need the vocoder that can ge. Hamamatsu, japan, october 27, 2016 roland dg corporation, a leading manufacturer of wideformat inkjet printers and printercutters worldwide, today announced that its recently introduced roland versaworks dual rip and print management software now supports several additional roland dg inkjet printers and printercutters.

Here we are going to talk about the vp03 which is a digital recreation of the original vp330 vocoder plus from 1979. Apart from herbie hancocks feets dont fail me now album weve never been too keen on the use of a vocoder in contemporary music. I know im opening myself up to abuse here but when should you stop buying gear and start learning to play. The roland xp80 is a music workstation that uses digital pcm subtractive synthesis and combines an updated version of the jv1080 synthesizer engine with the sequencer capabilities of the roland mrcpro sequencer. I was impressed but the price was a bit expensive at over. By todays standards the s330 would be considered limited and lofi, however for its time it was a powerful instrument which can still prove. Follow this product to see new listings in your feed. It was a variation on their earlier rs505 paraphonic synth which was essentially a string synth with some filters for quasi polysynth sounds and big layers. Wisely, roland has now modelled the vp330s sound and features using their acclaimed acb technology analog circuit behaviour, adding it to the boutique range. View and download roland vp330 service notes online. Uploaded on 412019, downloaded 7798 times, receiving a 80100 rating by 5396 users. The vp 03 is a miniature version of the vp 330 vocoder plus, one of the most popular vocoders ever made. This creates a very unique and famous robotlike sound. Roland have recreated their classic vocoder at a fraction of the cost and size.

The s330 is a compact, 1unit rackmodule with most of the features of the s550 slimmed down into a more affordable package. Today its very soughtafter but hard to find secondhand. Roland pc 300 driver for windows 7 32 bit, windows 7 64 bit, windows 10, 8, xp. This track vintage machine is using the iconic roland vp330 from the late 70s for the vocoder lead, choir and strings parts. Free vst emulations of famous synths hardware blogosaur. Read more roland vp 03 vocoder makes classic synth voice sounds affordable. The vocoder shapes its envelope and filters by any sound source fed into it, your voice or even a drum loop can be used which is then applied to another sound source, typically a synth pad. Ive always wanted a roland vp9000 but here in japan they have always been quite expensive and elusive to find. Discussions on sound production outside the synthesizer such as mixing, processing, recording, editing and mastering. I seem to be addicted to buying stuff but it doesnt make my playing any better. Vp 330 vocoder plus 1979 side by side sound battle youtube behringer vc340 vs roland vp 330 sound comparison duration. Especially way back when the roland vp9000 was first released it was a very expensive sampling module. This instrument was arps slightly leftfield attempt at tackling the growing demand for polysynths way back in 1978. Posts about roland s330 directors written by jimdatwood.

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