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Its biology, impact and control on maize production in nigeria article pdf available july 2018 with 3,284 reads how we measure reads. As a result of fluctuation, insect can shorten or elongate their life cycle. Spodoptera litura is an important polyphagous pest in india, china and japan. Biotransformation of acyclic, monocyclic, and bicyclic monoterpenoids by various bacteria, fungi, insect larvae, such as spodoptera litura, and mammals, such as rabbits and possums, and human and rat cytochrome enzyme is summarized. Neonate and second instar bioassay studies revealed similarity in. No mating took place on the night of emergence and maximum mating response occurred during the second night after emergence. Multiple micrornas control ecdysone signaling in the midgut of spodoptera litura. Histone h3lysine9 h3k9 trimethyltransferase gene su var was cloned and identified in three spodoptera insects, spodoptera frugiperda s. In this study, we determined faw distribution, genetic diversity. Effects of three spodoptera litura control strategies on. Effects of four host plants, tobacco, chinese cabbage, cowpea and sweet potato, on larval and pupal development and survival, and longevity and fecundity of adults of spodoptera litura f lepidoptera.

The potential of various isolates of spodoptera litura. This moth is found in asia, with some specific problematic pest population reports occurring in cambodia, hong kong, india, the pacific islands, guam, american. Molecular characterization, expression pattern and. The roughly 30 species are distributed across six continents. Spodoptera genus fall army worm taxonomy genus spodoptera. Maize is the most important staple cereal crop grown by smallholder farmers in subsaharan africa and is one of the dominant cereals grown in most other african countries. Due to its larvae consuming a wide range of vegetation, s. The results revealed that the duration of incubation, larval, prepupa, pupal, adult male and adult female longevities were recorded with an average of 3. Spodoptera exigua has no known positive economic importance to humans economic importance for humans. Biology studies of tobacco caterpillar, spodoptera litura. Tian key laboratory of integrated management of crop diseases and pests ministry of education, college of plant. Biological effects of natural products against spodoptera.

At normal condition generation time was 3536 days but at 40%. A new continuous cell line from larval hemocytes of. Fifteen epn isolates were screened, and steinernema sp. Gooch as a part of michigan state university ipm program and. Biology of spodoptera eridania and spodoptera cosmioides. Noctuidae and its natural enemy rhynocoris marginatus fab.

Pm 7124 1 spodoptera littoralis, spodoptera litura. The study on potential of six isolates of slnpv which are originally from east java to control s. Michigan state universitys invasive species factsheets. The animal diversity web is an educational resource written largely by and for college students. Communitybased fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda monitoring, early warning and management, training of trainers manual, first edition. Spodoptera litura fabricius is a major vegetable pest that is widely distributed throughout tropical, subtropical and temperate regions. Efficacy of entomopathogenic nematodes against the tobacco. We characterized the dynamics of mortality factors affecting immature developmental stages of the fall armyworm, spodoptera frugiperda j. Adw doesnt cover all species in the world, nor does it include all the latest scientific information about organisms we describe. A group of asian researchers first proposed a genome project for the tobacco cutworm, spodoptera litura lepidoptera, noctuidae, in 20, drawn to this species as a. Effects of entomopathogenic fungi on the biology of. This pest was first recorded in africa in 2016, but detailed information on its distribution and damage and farmers response in invaded areas are largely lacking.

It is a serious polyphagous pest in asia and oceania, from the borders of north africa to japan and new zealand armes et. D in a completely randomized design with 30 replicates for each host plant. Though we edit our accounts for accuracy, we cannot guarantee all information in those accounts. This fact underscores the need for studies that analyze the nutrition and development of pests on different hosts. The following key is designed to help separate middle to late instar s. To assess the potential use of this parasitoid as a biological control agent, the reproductive schedule, fecundity and functional response of m. Multiple micrornas control ecdysone signaling in the. Yoshiaki noma, yoshinori asakawa, in comprehensive natural products ii, 2010. Spodoptera exigua is considered one of the worst agricultural pests worldwide. Secondary metabolites from glycine soja and their growth. In this study, the effects of both epf species on various life stages of spodoptera litura f. Maize has been in the diet of nigerians for centuries. Pdf biology of spodoptera litura fabricius lepidoptera.

Noctuidae on some of its major weed hosts find, read and cite all the research you. Molecular characterization, expression pattern and metabolic activity of flavin. Characterization of a baculovirus of spodoptera litura lepidoptera. Noctuidae, is an economically important insect pest known to attack various agricultural crops and is widely distributed in the tropical and temperate zones of asia, australasia, and pacific islands. Noctuidae includes species that cause damage to a wide variety of important crops such as maize, cotton, rice, and soybean, among others gordy et al. It is a serious pest of various economically important crops such as cotton, tomato, groundnut, chilli, tobacco, caster, okra and pulses etc. Spodoptera litura an overview sciencedirect topics.

Maize farmers in subsaharan africa recently experienced unusual damage in their farms, attributed to the fall armyworm faw spodoptera frugiperda j. Effect of abiotic factors on the life cycle of spodoptera. Promod kumar shakya, masarrat haseeb and uzma manzoor department of plant protection, faculty of agricultural sciences, aligarh muslim university, aligarh, uttar pradesh, india email. There are only a few studies that demonstrate the harm done to crops, the decline in production, and the economic losses that spodoptera. Plants were cultivated in a greenhouse and their leaves exerted and cleaned in sodium hypochlorite 4 % to eliminate any possible. Biology, morphometrics and geometrical progression of spodoptera litura was studied by rearing s. Communitybased fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda. However, the responsible secondary metabolites in the aerial part of this important plant are largely unknown. The moths spodoptera eridania stoll and spodoptera cosmioides walker are pests of increasing importance in various grain production systems, causing defoliation and damage to reproductive structures of plants. Geographical isolates ofspodoptera litura fabricius noctuidae. Noctuidae, though, commonly known as tobacco cutworm, is not restricted to tobacco alone, but, feeds on more than 120 host plants belonging to 44 familiesqin et al.

Reduviidae were determined under laboratory conditions. Pdf on jan 1, 2007, sushilkumar and others published biology of spodoptera litura fabricius lepidoptera. Entomopathogenic nematodes epn have the potential to control the s. The study was mainly focused on observing morphology of different stages i. As seen in sesquiterpenoids, these organisms introduce oxygen atom at their allylic. Biology and food consumption of spodoptera litura fabricius on different host plants. Lepidoptera nucleopolyhedrovirus spltnpv, collected from different parts of india and maintained at tamil nadu agricultural university, were compared for their biological activity and subjected to restriction endonuclease ren analysis. Spodoptera litura is also known as the oriental leafworm moth, cluster caterpillar, cotton leafworm, tobacco cutworm, tropical armyworm, taro caterpillar, tobacco budworm, rice cutworm, and cotton cutworm. Effect of three spodoptera litura control strategies, viz. Guangdong provincial key laboratory of insect developmental biology and applied technology, institute of insect science and technology, school of life sciences, south china normal university, guangzhou, china. Its biology, impact and control on maize production in nigeria article pdf available. Microplitis prodeniae rao and chandry is a solitary endoparasitoid of s.

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