Rodent breeding colony management software

Animal colony management software is onestop solution for rodent inventory database and other activities required by the transgenic animal facility of biomedical laboratories, breeding institutes and other research facilities. Auroras guide to mouse colony management aurora burds connor, 2006 breeding mice in the laboratory is one method of ensuring an available supply of experimental subjects with desired characteristics. Although mice breed readily when left to themselves, it is helpful to have a working knowledge of. Investigators may request breeding scheme strategy adjustments at any time by emailing requests to the breeding core supervisor. Software for rodent breeders neuro mouse, software database of murine neurological information for pc anaesthesia and analgesia of laboratory animals mac hypercard software pedigree drawing software mouse colony databases using filemaker pro topaz transgenic breeding colony management software progeny pedigree drawing and. Free mouse colony management software is a cloud electronic lab notebook ideal for new labs and labs on a limited grant budget. Rodent breeding colony management vertebrate animal research. Maintaining good breeding records is critical for successful colony management. Upon request, oar will train research staff how to manage their breeding colonies. The breeding colony size planning worksheet pdf is a very useful resource mating combinations.

Reduce costs minimize strain loss and excess breeding. Colony management software costs can range from gratis cope a collaborative pedigree drawing environment software. Search and manage animal and breeding data, add experiment results, attach files, get notified. Apply to research scientist, maintenance person, fish hatchery technician and more. Mice and rats must be 21 days old or less at the time of tail biopsy if no anesthesia is used. Do not replace all breeding animals at the same time.

Any recurring problems with mouse breeding colony management will be brought to the attention of the iacuc. The jackson laboratory colony management system jcms is a software application for managing data and information related to research mouse colonies. It is best to have breeding animals of various ages in the colony. Animal colony management software is onestop solution for rodent inventory database and other activities required by the transgenic animal facility of biomedical laboratories,breeding institutes and other research facilities. Work from the lab, your home or remotely with softmouse mouse colony management software online database and mouse breeding software in the cloud. Mouse breeding here at the mouse biology program mbp, we have extensive experience with mouse breeding and colony management.

Try softmouse forever free mouse colony management software or premium. Strains, specimens, and cages manage your colony on all 3 levels. There is a need for an inexpensive and uncomplicated colony management software with specific individual database solutions. Softmouse is the leading brand in online mouse colony management webbased and mobile solutions. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the to setup and retpi ire breeder animals, weaning of litters and maintain records of their breeding colonies. Autumn cdebaca animal care technologist research nasa. Mousej was designed to maintain only the essential information which makes it simple to read and edit. The colony manager is responsible for pregnancy and birth checks, cage card documentation and for separating and weaning according to the guidelines below. Mouse breeding colony management iacuc uwla crosse.

Jul 14, 2015 cambridge, ma prweb july 14, 2015 biodata, producer of labguru, the only webbased electronic lab notebook with integrated protocols and specimen management systems, has announced another wave of chemistry feature enhancements and an upgrade rodent specimen and vivarium management module for its enotebook and lab inventory management system. Rodent models that capture aspects of human disorders are powerful tools for unraveling the mechanisms of these conditions. Free mouse colony and breeding management database softmouse db free, is now available with essential limited. The iacuc has provided a set of guidance documents policies, guidelines, and informational sheets for use when planning animal procedures at the university of iowa. I currently use the software to manage a colony of around 300 mice, including 43 breeding pairs and without it ill be completely lost. Any neonatal or young mouse up to 24 days of age, i.

In addressing this concern, a database application has been developed to meet most of the requirements of such management. Younger mice generally produce smaller litters and. The jax colony management system jcms was a free multiuser relational database system for managing research mouse colonies. Regardless of the fashion in which the breeding logs are kept, they must be accessible upon iacuc request at any time, and easily understood by parties that are responsible for postapproval monitoring of the protocol uaf staff, research compliance officer, iacuc members, etc.

The rarc mouse breeding performance checklist can be used to identify potential problems in your colony. Animal colony management has been an issue of concern for many years. There seems a constant need for such inexpensive and uncomplicated colony management software with specific individual database solutions. Jackson lab, charles river lab, taconic, and envigo. Nei research support technician nih building 49 bethesda, md. Colony data are stored in a single file and can be shared among. Jul 27, 2018 also, such methodologies lack datamining, analysis and realtime reminder capabilities which are necessary for effective and errorfree rodent colony management. Search and manage animal and breeding data, add experiment results. Microsoft excel spreadsheetbased animal colony management. If your institution has hundreds of principal investigators approved for rodent mouse rat research. There are a number of animal colony management software programs available, each with their own advantages and special adaptations. Iseehear offers the softmouse free mouse colony and breeding management software, database lims to labs on a budget. Breeding strategies for maintaining colonies of laboratory. Gems management taconic offers a unique solution for biopharmaceutical and biomedical researchers.

Jan 02, 2019 in this video i will be showing you my mouse breeding colony that i am breeding. Apply to laboratory manager, animal caretaker, animal technician and more. Larc maintains breeding records using breeding colony management software that tracks stockstrainline and heritage. Mouse colony management research animal resources and. When animals are paired for the first time, create a. Iseehears flagship product, softmousedb mouse colony management database, is a webbased mouse breeding and colony maintenance software program that is ideally designed for academic researchers, animal technicians and laboratory clusters, to allow them to increase efficiency and productivity in the management of their mouselines, cages and. The breeding colony size planning worksheet pdf is a very useful resource. A quarantine period with frequent monitoring of general health conditions. Colony managers oft en consult us for advice and rightly so, for our mouse husbandry experts have been using and refi ning mouse colony management techniques for over 75 years. Unlike other solutions, mosaic vivarium helps lab animal users keep the right data which empowers organizations to make operational improvements and save money.

Now is the time to switch to the 247 supported softmouse. Ideal for animal technicians and biomedical researchers in laboratories, breeding cores, animal facilities. Software and database solutions rodent mouse rat breeding and colony management system at smart colony management we listen to your needs, requirements, feedback, suggestions and ideas, in order to build a variety of it tools solutions in the following categories. Handling and restraint of animals for observation andor minor procedures, ability to assist in rodent surgical procedures and anesthesia, husbandry experience, rodent and breeding colony management. With our tools, you can efficiently manage large mouse colonies, all while offering accurate data to all your customers. Taconics gems management offering empowers researchers to use one company to help manage their genetically engineered models gems and services. Our trained professional staff can assist you with devising and implementing a breeding plan to generate the cohort or mouse model your research requires. Spreadsheets, in particular, are not wellsuited for managing the complex data structures such as breeding schemes required for effective scientific data and colony management. Services include small animal injection and surgical models, colony management, optical imaging, traditional therapeutic and gene therapy approaches, tumor transplantation and tumorigenicity testing, pharmacologic and pharmacodynamic assessment, experimental design and protocol assistance, and production of nunu and scid mice. Its important to determine the number of breeding pairs you need to supply sufficient mice for your experiments. Breeding rodent breeding colony management policy printerfriendly version policy. With labgurus rodent and mouse management system you can track your entire rodent research journey. Priority one services hiring nei research support technician.

He is housed seperate from the females so the girls dont get. Participants completing this course will obtain a thorough understanding of colony management best practice that incorporates the latest developments and trends in the use of the laboratory mouse in. Establish a code, pairing color stickers with a corresponding event. Simply the best webbased mouse colony database software and mobile laboratory information management system lims in the cloud. I added a powerpoint file that will show you the mating list. The most efficient lims system to manage your mouse colony data. Periodic control of the colony health status according to felasa recommendations every three months. In my dissertation work i am utilizing a rodent model of stress exposure that captures several aspects of ptsd to study the behavioral and biological factors that promote susceptibility versus resilience to the effects of. Free colony and breeding management software for labs on a budget. Procedures for ear punching for dna analysis andor genotyping must be described in an approved animal care and use protocol mice and rats can be ear punched at any age after the ears have separated from the head during neonatal development. Soft mouse in the cloud is the leading brand in mouse colony breeding software and is supported by digital mouse colony data management experts. Colony management and project management janvier labs.

Mouse breeding colony management purdue university. Through august 2020, boston university has moved to remote teaching and learning, canceled oncampus activities, and minimized lab research activities. Management of the genetically modified gm colonies and tracking with the appropriate software provide guidance to researchers on the generation and breeding of genetically modified mouse lines provide support for researchers in correctly filling in the gm data sheets and form m as well as in the creation of nomenclaturecompliant names. This may require a transfer transaction slip being completed and processed before breeders are set up. Softmouse internet colony management software softmouse tracks mice, rats, breeding, pedigrees, cages, litters, complex genotypes, mouselines, transgenic animals. Oct 12, 2019 information management services services offered at we listen to your needs, requirements, feedback, suggestions and ideas, in order to build a variety of it tools solutions in the following categories. Rodent breeder 5m30 is a great feed for rodents that is designed to help maximize the genetic breeding potential of your rats. Can anyone recommend a mouse colony management software. Although mice breed readily when left to themselves, it is.

Jax colony management system the jackson laboratory. Breeding services laboratory animal resource center larc. Our responsibilities are to help breeding cores, transgenic cores, animal facilities and labs gain the benefits of organized data management. A webbased lab mouse colony laboratory information management software system. You can move mice and cages around just like in real life. Janvier labs colony management and project management production of specific and complex research models such as genetically altered mouse and rat models, requires a high skill level in many scientific fields as well as a technological platform able to supply high quality animals on time and at reasonable cost. As an alternative to a breeding colony management software, we developed a. Th ese techniques are safe, reliable, economical, effi cient, and ensure that the mouse strains produced are genetically welldefi ned. Leave pair together continuously, whenever possible, to maximize production. Breeding, weanling, harvesting are all done in one click. Summary under the direction of the project manager, candidate must demonstrate a working knowledge of veterinary technology, animal science, and rodent breeding colony techniques, and transgenic. Net colony and breeding management team have collaborated to provide the most compelling and versatile animal colony management solution that is accessible from an ipad, tablet, mac and laptop. Integrate with your research link rodents to related projects, storage locations, materials, experiments and results. Any mouse that is of weaning age or older and able to eat solid food and reach the water source.

Exceptions for prolonged weaning may include runt mice or transgenic strains with pups that require extended maternal care. Manage, store, and organize data such as mice, mice cages. Jun 06, 2018 animal colony management has been an issue of concern for many years. Just an introduction to my breeding colony and how you can easily breed your own rodents. The facility staff has limited resources to provide technical support to pis. Most mice reach sexual maturity males and females at 47 weeks of age. Procedures for tail biopsy for dna analysis andor genotyping must be described in an approved animal care and use protocol. The my mouse house mobile cloud systems team at iseehear inc. Auroras guide to mouse colony management at mit aurora burds connor, feb 2007. Handle breeding cages gently and place in a lowtraffic area of the housing room.

This rat breeder diet is perfect for animal facilities that keep breeding colonies of mice and rats. Having an efficient rodent weaning process in place is crucial for the successful management of the breeding program. Rodentsql is a database application that integrates mouse colony management. Free online mouse colony management software for labs on a. Breeding strategies for maintaining colonies of laboratory mice. If animals are genotyped, they must be accounted for in the animal numbers. Some existing tools like microsoft excel and colony management. This information is available to investigators online through rio. Nei research support technician nih building 49 bethesda. Rodent breeding colony management all breeding animals in the same cage must be under the same approved protocol number that the breeding is intended for. Maintaining a breeding colony of mice is one method of generating and then ensuring an available supply of experimental subjects with desired characteristics.

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